Gmail Sign In

Welcome to Gmail hosted at and Congratulations! for making the right choice to create an account with Gmail. Follow the step-by-step instructions given below to Sign in to Gmail, the word’s most popular email service. Every month more than a billion people login in Gmail either at or through Gmail mobile apps. Google started the service in 2004 as a first email service that gives 1 GB of initial storage. Over the years Gmail matured a lot and Google now gives more than 15 GB of initial storage when you sign up for a new account. GmailGuide is a great step-by-step help for you for anything you want to do with Gmail, like Gmail Sign in, creating a Gmail account, Gmail two step authentication etc. GmailGuide is organized into three sections

  • Gmail Beginner
  • Gmail Productivity
  • Gmail Advanced

Browse the right section on the menu bar for help on any Gmail related question you have.

To sign in to Gmail

  1. Go to in your browser
  2. As shown below you will see a page with “Sign in to continue to Gmail”  formgmailLogin-cropped
  3. Enter your email, for example  and click “Next”
  4. A textbox for “Password” will appear.
  5. Enter your Password in the textbox and click “Sign In” button that appears as show below  (As password is confidential, it shows up as ***).siginbutton
  6. Instead of “Sign in to continue to Gmail” page, if you see the following pageGmailSignInHomeScreenViewport
  7. Click on Sign In link at the top right corner, to the left of Create an Account button.
  8. Clicking Sign In will bring you to Choose an Account page that looks as shown belowChooseanAccountCrop
  9. If your account is already present in the list of accounts shown in the page, Click on it and repeat the steps starting from step 2 above

    Sign in to another Gmail Account

  10. If you want to sign in to another account that is not in the list of accounts presented in the above page, then click “Add account” presented at the bottom and repeat the steps starting from step 2 above
  11. If you entered both your email and password correctly, you will be Signed into  your Gmail Inbox successfully.
  12. A successful Gmail Sign In will result in the following pagesuccessfullogin
  13. Once you successfully Login to Gmail, you probably want to read the email messages your contacts sent you and send new email messages to your contacts.
  14. Click  Sending Emails From Gmail for step-by-step guide to sending an email from Gmail.
  15. Once you are done with your activity on Gmail, you want to securely Logout /Sign Out of Gmail.
  16. To securely Sign Out of Gmail, click the circular button on the top right corner of the Gmail page.
  17. That pops up a Dialog with Sign Out button as shown belowSingOut
  18. Click the Sign Out button and log out of Gmail securely.
  19. Note that you should never close the Gmail by closing/ killing the tab. If you do that the next person that uses the same browser can Sign into your Gmail account, potentially causing security issues.